HIMITSU SENTAI GORANGER(aka the first one)

(April 5, 1975 to March 26, 1977. 84 episodes)

I don’t know a lot about this one, but I do know that this is where it all began. Due to how difficult it is to find the episodes online, I only watched what I could gather. This will only cover what I’ve seen and my opinion on it. I’m also using some information from databases and Wiki to get an idea on what it’s about.

What does the name mean?


The title 秘密戦隊ゴレンジャー translates to Secret Squadron Five Rangers. I really like how colorful it is. I think this title works really well for being the first Sentai. I like the name Goranger because it’s really simple, kinda like Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. MMPR is simple because it’s really, just ‘Power Rangers’ and the Sentai is just ‘Five Rangers’.

I think that this title is the reason why all Sentai titles are 3D.



The theme song


The opening theme is really catchy and I found myself singing along even though it’s an old song. In the opening, there are a lot of explosions and the rangers fight the foot soldiers. This aired on 1975 and the way they filmed the opening makes it easy to tell that it was made in the 70’s. It’s kinda hard to describe it but if you watch it, you’ll know what I mean.



So, how did they become Goranger?

It’s actually pretty interesting, kinda mature and I don’t think PR fans will ever see an origin story quite like this one.





A terrorist group called the Black Cross Army threatens the world and EAGLE(the Earth Guard League) is formed to combat the threat.


omg Five operatives were sent to destroy each of the EAGLE branches of Japan. Only five Members survived the attack and they become the Gorangers. The attack involves explosives, brutal beatings, poison gas, the destruction of buildings, stabbing with a sword and shooting EAGLE members with a lot of bullets. I really liked this origin because they took the kids a bit more seriously.



It’s Henshin time! So, how do they do it?

Interestingly, they don’t have a device to do so. They just spin once, get the suit and are ready for combat.


They look pretty funny now, but I’m sure for kids in the 70’s, this would have been really badass. Since the design grew on me, I think it looks pretty cool but most people find this a bit goofy looking. As you can tell by the way they were numbered, green is last and pink is fourth. I don’t know why they chose to number them this way, but eventually, they change their order to what we’re more familiar with(red blue green/black yellow pink/white). The characters(by color) each have the same, familiar, traits that we know. Red is the leader who wants to be there for them, Blue is second in command and is a bit stylish with his clothes, Green is usually the youngest or the less mature one who’s very curious, Yellow is really strong and stubborn, and Pink is the ‘girl’ of the group and is good with disguises. They use the Japanese words for their colors(Aka, Ao, KiMomoMido).

What did their mecha look like?

They didn’t have one that looks like a robot. Instead, they have two flying fortresses, a six wheeled tank with claws and a hot air balloon with claws.


While I do like the flying fortresses, I always had a hard time getting used to the tank and especially, the balloon. they were a bit too silly looking. If I didn’t know that the later series’ will have giant robots, it might have been easier for me to get used to it, but seriously… what the heck are those things?

What about their weapons and their finishing attack?

Their weapons were pretty simple, but they were pretty useful.


Aka had a whip/rope that was used for both offensive and defensive attacks but it was also used to grab onto things. Ao had a bow and what I assumed was an unlimited amount of arrows. Ki had a mace with a metal fist on it, well, I think it was a fist. Momo had a mirror that reflects attacks and earrings that are cherry bombs. Mido had a boomerang that can cut anything(that’s what it looked like it can do). They got these weapons by removing their visors(duplicate it?) and these visors turned into their weapons.


Their finishers are called Goranger Storm and Goranger Hurricane. They passed/kicked the ball to each other and the last ranger to receive it, kicks the ball towards the enemy and the ball explodes. I think this is why all monsters in Sentai explode when they die.


They had motorcycles that were driven by Aka, Ao, and Mido while Ki and Momo, sat in the sidecars.

What else is there to know?

There’s a manga that was serialized before the live action version. I haven’t read it but I heard there isn’t much of a difference except for the style of art being more cartoon-like.

How was it overall?

While I couldn’t find all the episodes, the one’s I was able to watch were interesting. The story can feel a bit slow at times, but it’s kinda like watching the Thunderbirds, if you can wait during the slow parts, the part with all the action will always be there for you and those scenes are always fun.


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