I’m an Otaku, not a Weeb

I love Anime and Manga, they are my passion. I’m obsessed with Tokusatsu and Gundam, they are my hobbies. These traits are what make me an Otaku. The word Otaku, doesn’t just apply to people who are into Anime, Manga, Japanese games, etc. It can also apply to those who are obsessed with other things such as music and even math. Being an Otaku just means that you are very passionate about something and others around you may find that obsession weird or bad. In Japan, some Otakus are treated as being weird or unimportant and in Korea, they are treated like trash. Yet, they don’t let that bring them down. Besides, what do they know? As such, I’m proud to be an Otaku.

I hate the existence of Weaboos. They are parasites in the good Anime community and are usually grouped with us. They consider themselves Japanese and tend to get annoying and offensive. I’m an American born Korean, I speak both languages perfectly and I do not consider myself a Japanese person because it doesn’t make any sense to pretend to be what I am clearly not. I would say that I am heavily influenced by the Japanese culture because I find it fascinating.

Since I know what it’s like to be Korean(which is basically like being Japanese) I easily get offended by Weebs. They can be Korean, Vietnamese, Hispanic, black or white but they always seem to say the same thing “I’m not ______(insert nationality/race), I’m Japanese and don’t ever say that i’m ______. How dare you say I’m  _______?” I’ve been teaching myself Japanese so that one day, I can go to Japan and maybe get a job as a toy designer. So, I used whatever I knew to ask them a few questions. They couldn’t answer my questions which were pretty simple such as “namae ga nandesuka?(what is your name?)” They claim to know Anime and how to speak Japanese but in reality, they only tend to know the mainstream stuff or just SAO and they can sort of sing along with the intro(they butcher it). Probably the most annoying part is when they get offended when we ignore them. We should be offended, not them. We know when and where to draw the line when talking about Anime and Japanese culture but they take it to the extreme.

Imagine if Bronies started saying “I’m not a human, I’m a pony.” Wouldn’t that be disturbing? I’m glad they aren’t like Weebs. I hope that one day, they will realize that not only did they offend the Otakus, but also the Japanese and ordinary people with their nonsense so that the numbers will drop to zero.

Boy, I didn’t intend this to sound like a rant but this is sort of about me and what I think about the current Anime community.


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