Shin-chan: how it’s different depending on where you watch it

I watched this in Korea and therefore, it was in Korean. For the most part, it was very similar to the Japanese version. They found a decent group of voice actors who fit the characters very well. As a Korean person, I prefer watching it in Korean but if I have to watch it in Japanese, I’m cool with that. In Korea, it was rated (7) which means 6 years old and up here in the US. I’m not sure what it was rated in Japan but I’m sure that it was rated pretty much the same. That’s because both countries are able to accept the jokes. In Korea, they used family friendly words so the entire family can sit down and watch. I remember watching it with my mom. She introduced it to me. I watched it with friends after school and had a good laugh. For us, it was like watching Tom and Jerry. When they made movies for it, for some of them, the age rating went up to (15) which is 14 and up in the US. They were for the audience who watched it from day one and needed something more mature once in a while(I’ll cover some of these in other blogs). In most countries, Shin-chan is either banned or heavily censored. that’s because of Shin-chan’s immature behavior. They don’t want kids to get influenced to do many of the things they see in it. When I saw it in Adult Swim, I was amazed by what they did to it. Instead of censoring it, they made it rated 14 or MA and used mature language to appeal to older teens and adults. While I found the dubbing really bad, I still respect them for trying to show it as it is instead of censoring it. The title that was used here was “Crayon Shin-chan” which was what it was called for the manga. It is one of my favorite Anime and I go back to once in a while to have a good laugh.


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